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Be Prepared for What's Next.

We know that math can change quickly. Let us help your students prepare for success in math, maximize their potential, and improve their mathematical confidence. It might sound hard to believe, but learning math can be fun and easy!

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Gain an advantage before the school year even begins! Learn the majority of the content of your desired math course in less than a week!

Our Story

A focus on mastery.

As math teachers, we have noticed that so many people struggle with math and often assume that they simply do not have some innate ability to learn the content. This is a commonly false idea and we believe that this can easily be fixed by a math course designed around mastery. The data is clear! If students are taught math content in an engaging way, given several unique opportunities to demonstrate their understanding, and provided supplementary resources differentiated to their individual needs, they can easily master any topic in math. That is why we decided to start an equal access high school preparation program to help students regain their confidence in math, while putting them ahead in their math classes.

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